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Upon returning home from work on an extremely rainy day, a man discovers his neighbours' 18 year old daughter locked out of their house. He naturally invites.
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She came over and gave me huge hug, rubbing her thigh against my half-hard cock in the process. Despite enjoying a huge cum an hour ago my cock was hard again and precum was oozing from my piss-slit. This was no time for a leisurely build up so I smeared some precum down the shaft and started stroking it furiously. In less than a minute I was pumping a second pool of cum over the floor, and this time I threw my head back and roared at the ceiling as I shot my load. Visions of Kat naked were flashing through my head as I thought of all the things I wanted to do to her perfect young body, and still I kept pumping thick gobs of greasy cum.

When I finally stopped I ran to the bathroom and threw myself under the shower, blasting cold water all over me as the remnants of my release washed down my legs. I was shivering when I finally turned off the tap and quickly toweled dry before putting my robe on. I headed back downstairs and poured a double-bourbon into a crystal glass before sculling it down and feeling the alcohol burn down my throat. I poured another and sipped it slower, finally getting my feelings and raging hormones under some semblance of control, but I was still shaking.

I cleaned up the mess on the floor before slumping into a chair, my mind in complete turmoil.

Julie and I had enjoyed a sensational sex life where nothing was off limits and we explored many different aspects of sex-play over the years. When she died I basically retreated into a celibate life, masturbating occasionally to porn movies and stories, but only making to love to a woman once in a while. A year ago I tried dating as I knew Julie would not want to see me locked away in the house alone, but the women I dated were either desperate to get married and start a family, or carrying way too much emotional baggage from previous relationships or failed marriages. I even visited a brothel a couple of times, but the emotionless fucking left me feeling empty and unsatisfied, so I never went back.

What I never expected was my sixteen year old neighbor pushing my buttons the way she did, and the way my body reacted to her blatant teasing. Having come to a decision I started feeling better and the turmoil in my head washed away, leaving me with a pleasant buzz from the bourbon. I went outside and lay in the sun naked, soaking up the warm rays and feeling the tension evaporate. Hunger finally drove me inside as the sun dipped below the horizon, the two huge cums I had enjoyed contributing to my need for food.

After dinner I went into the garage and pottered around with a few maintenance jobs that had built up.

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I could just make out Kat standing on the porch, looking as pretty as a picture in her new dress. However the situation looked a lot less pleasant, as Bill was standing there dressed like a bum with his beer-gut sticking out over his trousers and a three-day growth on his face, which was as black as thunder. Kat looked ready to burst into tears, but she was standing her ground.

What The Fuck?

I was having trouble processing what I had just heard. And what did Kat mean when she told him it was bad enough when he was drunk?

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I was frozen to the spot, unsure what to do next. I was still trying to decide when a battered old Chevy pulled up out front and three large men got out. Two of them picked up cases of beer from the trunk and they headed up the path and knocked on the door. The light came on and Bill opened the door, smiling at his visitors when he saw the cases of beer.

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I moved quietly across the lawn and circled the house looking for an open door or window that would allow me to get inside unseen. Unfortunately the place was locked up tight, so I was going to have to force my way in. Deep male laughter followed, and then I heard a shrill scream that was cut short by a viscous slap, followed by more laughter. I stood on the porch and took a deep breath as I balanced my body, and kicked the door in. Timber shards flew from the door jamb as it exploded and I moved quickly inside, taking in a scene of dismay and brutal degradation.

Cyn was slumped on the couch crying, a large red mark prominent on her cheek where she had received a brutal slap. Kat was on her knees on the floor, her pretty new dress hanging from her body in tatters. Like her mother she had a bright red welt on her face, and was sobbing uncontrollably as one of the men knelt behind her with his cock half-buried in her tight pussy, and another trying to jam his huge shaft past her clenched lips and into her mouth. The third man was my immediate threat as he casually put his can of Beer down and gave me a menacing glare.

You men have got thirty seconds to get out of my sight, starting now. The third man gave me an evil smile. His huge hands were balled into tight fists and he planted his feet as he swung a punch. I watched his arm move and balanced myself, shifting sideways as his fist sailed past harmlessly my shoulder and he stumbled forward from the lack of contact.

I parried his blow with a chop to the forearm which pushed him further off balance, before slamming my fist into his stomach. His breath exploded from his lungs and he started to double over in pain as I followed up with chop to side of the throat, before taking a half-step back and delivering a roundhouse kick to the side of the head.

Both men saw their friend hit the ground and came at me with fury on their faces. I took the man who had been kneeling behind Kat first, as he still had his jeans halfway down his legs, and a couple of blows and a gut-kick took him out. In the meantime the third man had produced a wicked-looking knife and roared as he threw himself at me. I rocked back as he swung the knife, but I was a little off balance and I felt the tip of the blade slice through my shirt and the skin on my chest as I tried to move clear.

I jammed my knee into his groin and then chopped his legs from underneath him with horizontal kick, hearing a bone snap as my foot made contact. He roared in pain as he went down, writhing on the floor. I spun around to Bill as he was the last one standing, but he was just standing there with his jaw flapping as he surveyed the damage.

You worthless, contemptible piece of shit! While martial arts teaches you that self-control is vitally important, I was white-hot with rage at this pathetic little man and the way he used his family.

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However, before I could put him on the floor a flash of skin moved between us, and Kat kicked him in the groin so hard that I attempted to cross my own legs in sympathy as he collapsed like a pricked balloon. As he slumped to the floor she went with him, grabbing a handful of hair to pull his face up to hers.

I leant against the wall, breathing hard from the exertion and the adrenaline still coursing through my body. My shirt and shorts were stained bright red as blood ran from the cut on my chest, and Kat gave me a horrified look. Get the first aid kit! She looked at Kat and then at me, and ran to get the first aid kit. Kat carefully unbuttoned my shirt and helped me slip it from my shoulders, gasping when she saw the long slice in my skin and the blood oozing from it.

Cyn came back and started by cleaning my wound with a disinfectant pad that stung like an absolute bitch! She bit her lip and nodded at me. Can you bring it back fast so we can tie these assholes up, please honey? Kat ran back in the door with the tub and ripped the lid off, pulling out a handful of zip-ties.

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I had watched enough Police shows to know how to use two zip-ties as a pair of functional handcuffs, and soon had the four men secured of the floor, regardless of whether they were conscious or not. I grabbed my cell and rang the Police, the Sherriff himself answered and when I had given him a brief summary he assured me help was on the way.

Cyn had finished patching me up and was tending to the twins who were locked with their arms around each other on the couch. Pack some PJs and clothes for tomorrow and get going, ok? We can work things out tomorrow. I had no interest in spending the next few months or years looking over my shoulder so I needed to end this tonight. I roughly rolled him over and pulled his wallet from his back pocket, doing the same to the other two.